Economics And Trade
Economics And Trade

Economy of Sri Lanka, the traditional plantation crops the three major rice and (tea, rubber, coconut), but there was in the economy dependent on agriculture with a focus on, such as retail, wholesale and manufacturing and will expand with economic development, recently clothing products has become the largest export item in.

In recent years, even while being hit by such financial crisis and soaring natural disasters that deteriorating security situation, including the tsunami disaster, the price of crude oil international, sometimes the service industry has been steadily, over the past five years ( average growth rate of GDP) from 2004 to 2008, 6.4%, in 2008, such as recording a growth rate of 6.0%, and has maintained a high rate of economic growth. Exports to expand high-quality labor force in the background and high level of education, has been steadily expanding foreign direct investment. In addition, GDP per capita in 2008 was a record $ U.S. 2,014.

On the other hand, high inflation rate in Sri Lanka originally, since the latter half of 2007, the inflation rate further increased due mainly to rising food prices and crude oil prices and other dairy rice, wheat, and milk powder, 6, 2008 month rate of consumer price in Colombo has led to the recording an increase of 28.2 percent year-on-year. Inflation since the financial crisis in September 2008 but then converged at once, of concern to the international balance of payments imbalance and other rapidly growing foreign exchange reserves, in these, July 2009, the IMF stand-by loan of U.S. $ 2.6 billion also been approved, but tourism, exports, etc. that has turned from recovery, international balance of payments has been gradually improved.


Trade in Sri Lanka, the total exports to Japan is $ 139 million 2009, total imports from Japan at $ 224 million, the amount of direct investment from Japan is Rs 4,538 million a year, 2009, and Article 16 law BOI both the other hand has become a project approved under Article 17.

created by JETRO based on data (BOI) Sri Lanka Investment Authority [Source] Sri Lanka's main trade items are made (such as textiles and clothing products) 70.0% industrial products, agricultural products 24.0%, 5.0% jewelry, other 1.0%.

• According to the "situation in each country and region" [Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Here is the link of the (Board of Investment in Srilanka) Sri Lanka Investment Agency.

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