Overview of Politics

Republic. System has become a presidential system and parliamentary system of government was mixed. (Sri Lanka) is the unicameral parliament of 225 seats in total, the ruling coalition and a unified Sri Lanka Freedom Party president Rajapakusa is led by the core, which is based on the working class and rural areas, which is based on the 144 seats in the upper classes, people and knowledge Kuomintang nationalist party has 60 seats, of the Tamil people, Tamil National Association are 14 seats in the communist party, (JVP) has become the People's Liberation Front was once seven seats also deployed armed struggle.

On the diplomatic front, while maintaining the position of non-alignment, India and neighboring countries is closely related in history, culture and political and economic, national security, we strive to maintain a good relationship as a nation extremely important, economic emphasis on strengthening relations with industrialized countries, including Japan, from the perspective of social development, have received assistance. In addition, there is a founding member of the Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in South Asia, 2006, such as accession to the Regional Forum (ARF) Association of Southeast Asian Nations, recently the power to strengthen cooperation with countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia I put.

Rajapakusa incumbent president declared an end to civil war and the control of, a quarter of a century-long civil war has ended in May last year "(LTTE) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam" rebels. He was greatly ahead of his term until the year 2011, decided the implementation of the election, January 26, 2010 presidential election was held. Has become a single combat with the army chief of staff before Fonseca was the commander of the incumbent leaders and civil war Rajapakusa Sinhalese majority, the view of the situation and to divide the votes of Sinhalese has come out.

Election management authorities in Sri Lanka January 27, announced the results of the presidential election vote counting, the incumbent president Rajapakusa about 57.9 percent of the vote, and was re-elected. Term of six years. Army commander before Fonseca main opposition candidate for a unified position 2 is about 40.2%, has resulted in the difference between the 1-position wide-open. 74% voter turnout. Fonseca insisted at a news conference candidate, and that there was a deceit to the President at the same election, has announced plans to raise an objection to the court.

February 8, said the army has arrested a former army chief of staff was a candidate unified Fonseca was eliminated in the main opposition presidential election. The country's Ministry of Defence, we have the military during his tenure, there is a suspicion of planning was involved in the overthrow of the government is Fonseca. Rajapakusa President on February 9, we tried to dissolve the parliament. In addition, there was a term of office of members until April. February 10, suspicion has been announced that the government will have to conduct a general election on April 8, the administration has declared the implementation of the general election almost simultaneously with the restraint of opposition candidates. Secretary General (Ban Ki-moon) on March 9, shows the intention was expressed "concern" to the proceedings, and want to meet with President of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon.

On April 8 parliamentary elections were held. In some areas re-vote was held on January 20 had been replaced as has the ballot. Of 225 seats, the ruling coalition of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka is the President Rajapakusa seats 144, was a landslide victory. United National Party 60 seats, National Association of Tamil was to reduce the seats and 14 seats. Army chief of staff before Fonseca had been arrested as of conspiring to assassinate the president ran as opposition candidates from prison, was elected.

Local administrative division Country of Sri Lanka is divided into nine states. In parentheses, the state capital.

(Kandy) Central Province

(Anuradhapura) North Central province

(Jaffna) Northern Province

(Trincomalee) Eastern Province

(Kurunegala) North Western Province

(Galle) in Southern Province

(Badulla) Uva province

(Ratnapura) Sabaragamuwa Province

(Colombo) Western Province


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